Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mom of two

(don't mind me in this picture. I have zero make-up on and about 4 hours of sleep....)

The computer is finally fixed. I'm so happy, because I've really missed blogging and feel guilty that I haven't been doing as many updates on Khloe as I did on Kaylee when she was born. It's not because I don't care, I promisse Khloe. I have not been able to but now that I am, I will catch up on everything.

I LOVE being a mom of two. I was kind of scared before Khloe was born, because every time I talked to someone who had two or more kids, they all said that having two was the hardest. Harder than having three or four. So I was prepared for the worst but let me tell you, I really LOVE it. Sure it's hard sometimes, the lack of sleep, having two kids crying at the same time (which honestly doesn't happen more than few times a week, lucky me!) not having enough hands to carry everything I need, running trough the grocery store carrying a bag of chips with my teeth because the infant car seat and a two year old take up all the room there is in one shopping cart and due to those missing hands metioned above I can't dragg another cart behind me to get everything I need, I seriously can not complain one bit. Khloe is the sweetest baby there is. Always happy, crying only when she is hungry. Kaylee is very patient which makes it all so much easier on me. She is so independent and understanding that it's hard to believe that she is only two. I just love her to pieces. And I really don't mean to brag about my kids all the time, but I really am as happy as I ever was. My girls bring me so much happiness I'm surprised my heart hasn't burst yet. I get teary eyes on daily basis. Happy tears.

So being a mom of two is the best thing that ever happen to me. I love my babies more than anything, and having a husband that loves all three of us more than life makes me the happiest girl on this planet.

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DShenge said...

Dig it. I hope to some how end up in Mobile some time.